4 free Android alternatives to Google Maps Navigation

Every smartphone available today (and even the not-so-smart ones) comes equipped with some sort of GPS or A-GPS system that allows it to be aware of where it is in the world and where it’s headed. Likewise, most of these phones have some sort of mapping and navigation software to allow you, the user, to take advantage of that positioning data to get from where you are to where you want to be. In the case of most Android phones, that software is Google Maps.

Google Maps is great. We love it and we know that most of you love it — most users will probably never really see a need to use another navigation app and that’s perfectly fine. But there are a number of reasons to look beyond Google: maybe you’re a navigation geek; maybe you’re just curious; or maybe you’re just nostalgic for the days when MapQuest reigned supreme. If, for whatever reason, you would like to try an alternative to the stock Android navigation app, there are a number of free options available for you to play with.

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Scout by Telenav (HTML5)
Scout (the evolution/rebranding of TeleNav’s Navigator software) has been around for a few months now as an app available for iOS and through your desktop’s browser. An Android version was prom… [Read more]

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