6 security tips for using public Wi-Fi

Don’t expose yourself in public. We all do it: switch on a phone, laptop, or tablet and hop on to a Wi-Fi hotspot in airports, coffee shops, trains, hotels, and other public places. The problem is, those networks are open — even if they require a login and password, you may be sharing your files or leaving doors open to data thieves. You can’t secure the network, but you can raise siege walls between your private information and the barbarians. Follow these six tips to network more safely.

1. Lock down your security settings.

Go to the security and/or network settings in Windows or Mac OS X. Switch on the firewall, and switch off sharing for your files, printer, music library, and anything else you don’t feel like giving your neighbors. Here are instructions for how to disable public sharing in OS X. And if you’re not using the Internet, turn off Wi-Fi on your device.

2. Get a second firewall.

Though your OS probably has a built-in firewall, it doesn’t hurt to get a second line of defense. Here are a few firewall options for Windows and Android, or you can get a security suite that also offers antivirus and malware protection.

Comodo Firewall for Windows[Read more]

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