7 charitable apps for easy giving

November is a time to give, whether you’re growing a mustache to support men’s health or donating food for Thanksgiving meals. With the seven apps we’ve found, you can be a do-gooder by simply doing what you usually do — buying groceries, taking a walk, or playing a game.

Charity Miles

Don’t wait for that 5K for charity: rack up dollars as you rack up miles on your regular walks, runs, or bike rides. Download Charity Miles (iOS, Android), choose from 28 established charities, and launch the app with each workout. Corporate sponsors will donate funds for every mile.


Ever wish you could transfer pounds from your waist to someone else’s? You nearly can with Foodtweeks (iOS, Android). Tell the app which foods you’re about to buy, and it will recommend small, calorie-cutting tweaks. Follow Foodtweeks’s guidelines, and it’ll donate those calories to a local food bank.

Donate a Photo

If you’re posting photos to your social media feeds all day, then why not donate one? With Donate a Photo (… [Read more]

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