8 Google Reader alternatives for your PC

Google Reader is going away. Which desktop RSS managers are sticking around?

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It’s no surprise to Google obsessives that the company announced yesterday that it will draw the curtains on its popular RSS-managing Reader service. So what are you supposed to do with your 60 bazillion feeds?

First off, you can export them using Google Takeout. That’s an important step to take so you don’t lose track of any of the sites you’re following. It lets you download your feeds output, called OPML, as a ZIP. Then you extract it all to a folder, and upload them to your prefered Reader replacement service. But which one do you go with?

Nick Bradbury, the creator of a popular Windows desktop RSS reader, just announced that he will shutter FeedDemon after 10 years. “Personally, I like Feedly both on the desktop (well, browser) and on mobile, although the magazine-style format takes some getting used to if you’re coming from a river-of-news reader like FeedDemon,” he wrote to CNET in an e-mail today.

For something more like FeedDemon, this is going to take a lot of trial and error for most people. Which Reader alternative you choose will depend on your RSS feed reading habits.

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