9 moviemaking apps

Do you picture yourself as an iPhone filmmaker, an Android auteur? In awards season, we sit back and critique other people’s films, and if those Golden Globes and Oscar nominees have inspired or irritated you — or if you simply want to level up from shooting home videos — take a shot at making your own movie. We’ve scouted nine affordable, time-saving, feature-rich apps to help you script, storyboard, shoot, and edit.


A good movie starts with a good script. Celtx Script (iOS, Android) is a great alternative to pricier Final Draft. The app enables you to produce and mark up formatted scripts, collaborate with partners, and back up all your work, so you can focus on what’s truly important: action and dialogue.

Word processing and scriptwriting apps are marvelously flexible and functional, but manual typewriters offer a lack of Internet distraction and a rhythmic clatter that some believe increase energy levels and productivity. Get the best of both worlds with Hanx Writer, a typewriter app developed by actor Tom Hanks, which also lets you email, print, and share your magnum opus.


Before filming comes storyboarding, a shot-by-shot representation of how your film will unfold. With … [Read more]

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