Adobe photography promotion lures new subscribers, says survey

Nearly half of Creative Cloud subscribers who responded to a survey by CNET and Jefferies said they joined the subscription program with a promotion for Lightroom and Photoshop. The Photoshop Photography Program costs $10 per month but subscribers must sign up by Dec. 31.

(Credit: CNET and Jefferies survey)

It looks like Adobe Systems’ Photoshop-Lightroom promotion attracted some new customers to the Creative Cloud subscription business.

In a survey with CNET and analyst firm Jefferies, 48 percent of Creative Cloud subscribers who signed up for the Photoshop Photography Program weren’t Creative Cloud subscribers before.

Some of the 92 respondents who are Creative Cloud subscribers just changed subscriptions to the Photoshop Photography Program: 17 percent moved from a Photoshop-only subscription and 9 percent moved from the full Creative Cloud subscription, which costs $50 per month but offers Adobe’s entire array of software.

“I like the more targeted photography product. The full subscription is a good deal for some, but I will only use the ph… [Read more]


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