Adobe releases Creative Suite 2 for free

If you have an older computer and wish to install Adobe’s popular Creative Suite on it, you can now do so for free; the catch is the version available is Adobe’s older CS2.

Adobe’s CS has been developed way beyond the capabilities of the initial versions of the software; however, the older versions of the programs are still very powerful image-manipulation and content-creation tools. Still, they are no longer supported by the company and could cause problems or fail to run when installed on computers running the latest versions of OS X or Windows.

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Nevertheless, if you have an older computer or have virtual-machine software configured with an older operating system compatible with CS2, then you should be able to get CS2 running. Unfortunately for Mac users, CS2 is a PowerPC application, so it will require the use of either an Intel Mac running OS X 10.4 through 10.6 with the Rosetta translator installed, or the use of an older PowerPC Mac.

The only versions of the OS X client that Apple supports in virtualization are those that do not include the Rosetta translator (OS X 10.7 and higher) whic… [Read more]

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