Alert those nearby of a missing pet with Lost Petz

(Credit: Jason Cipriani/CNET)

A while back we urged you to install an iPhone app called Lost Kidz. Once installed, the app would alert you if a nearby parent had lost a child, providing critical details to ensure his or her safe return. And as a parent, for a yearly fee of $0.99, you could send out alerts should your child wander off and go missing.

With Hurricane Sandy having wreaked havoc through much of the northeast, and with thousands of pets and their owners having been separated, a similar app to help reunite owners with their lost companions will prove to be useful. Enter Lost Petz.

The concept is the same; users can download the free app to receive alerts of nearby missing animals. Each alert is complete with a picture and the name of the pet, the location the animal was last seen, and of course, contact information for the owner.

Lost Petz alerts are location based, and will be received by anyone running the app within a 10-mile radius.

There’s a $0.99 fee per year if you’d like to send alerts for your missing pet(s). There’s no limit on how many alerts you can send once you’ve subscribed. In order to help with relief efforts, the makers of Lost Petz will be donating all proceeds from the subscription fee for the next two weeks to the Am… [Read more]

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giveaway / November 11, 2012 / Software
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