Amp up TV time with these second-screen Android, iOS apps

The IMDb app is one of many virtual rabbit holes for TV and movie fans.

(Credit: IMDb )

Let’s face it, you’re not watching television commercials. In fact, you’re probably not paying attention all that closely to your favorite TV shows, either.

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The sad truth is that many of us can’t go longer than an hour without whipping out the phone or tablet. We can’t be bothered to give the almighty tube our undivided attention when our friends are being snarky on Facebook.

Why not put that phone to good, practical use? There are some great apps out there that can actually enhance your viewing experience.

I’ve put together a small collection of my favorite second-screen apps for Android, some of which you may already be using. Whether you’re checking out a new show or binge-watching the latest Netflix release, these are fun and engaging ways to get more from cable and net… [Read more]


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