Android 4.2 adds multiple users and panoramic photos, copies Swype and AirPlay

Android 4.2′s new keyboard takes a page out of Swype’s and SwiftKey’s books.

(Credit: Google)

While Google’s big press event scheduled for today in New York may have been canceled, the company still decided to move forward with a slew of announcements via blog post. Among them was the release of Android 4.2, an updated version of Jelly Bean to come preinstalled on the new line of Nexus devices.

Swype fans will be pleased to hear that Android 4.2 includes a keyboard that lets users input text via gliding gestures. Not only that, it offers predictions based on common strings of word combinations for “smarter” typing. While the news is certainly good for users who get a significantly improved input interface, it could be harmful to a company like SwiftKey, which just announced its own glide-supporting, predictive keyboard for Android.

Also part of 4.2 is a 360-degree panoramic photo feature called Photo Sphere. While third-party apps for panoramic photos have existed on Google Play for quite some time, this is the first time we’re seeing Google bake the fe… [Read more]

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