Apple unlikely to approve Google Maps app for iOS, report says

Google Maps in the browser in iOS.

(Credit: Screenshot by Matt Elliot/CNET)

Google Maps might not gain admission to Apple’s App Store, a new report claims.

Although Google is hard at work developing a Maps app that will be available in Apple’s App Store, Guardian is reporting today, citing sources, that it might never find its way to that marketplace. After speaking to Google employees, Guardian found that the search giant is “not optimistic” that Apple will approve Google Maps.

There is certainly no love lost between Apple and Google. Since the inception of iOS, Apple offered a built-in version of Google Maps. However, with the launch of iOS 6 earlier this year, Apple ditched Google’s service for its own Maps application, fueling an increasingly bitter battle between the companies. Apple also removed Google’s YouTube app from its software.

Interestingly, Apple approved a YouTube app for admission to its App Store. However, Apple doesn’t have a direct YouTube competitor, which likely led it to accept the app. Google Maps is still accessible in the iOS browser.

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