Big Launcher: A large, eyesight-friendly interface for Android

Big Launcher for Android makes the home screen easy on the eyes.

Big Launcher)

Book publishers offer large-print editions for elderly readers and people with vision problems.

Now there’s a “large-print” interface for Android: Big Launcher.

This ingenious app replaces the stock home screen with one that’s large, easy to read, and easy to operate. That makes it a good choice not just for seniors, the eyesight-challenged, and the tech-unsavvy, but also folks who like to mount their phones on their car dashboards.

True to its name, Big Launcher provides an interface that’s, well, big. In place of Android’s usual assortment of small icons and even smaller icon labels, you get six large, immediately recognizable buttons: phone, message, camera, photos, SOS (which can be set to dial or message an emergency contact), and applications.

Tapping Phone takes you to a submenu with its own extra-large options, including My Contacts, Starred, Dial Number, and a list of recent calls. Tapping Message lets you read or compose text messages, and so on.

Although the Applications button steers you to a simple list of your installed apps, it probably goes without saying that when you launch any of them, you’ll be faced with that app’s… [Read more]

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Annebit / August 20, 2012 / Software
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