BitTorrent unveils ‘sick’ sync service

BitTorrent Sync, a new service to synchronize your files across multiple computers.

(Credit: BitTorrent)

Among the myriad modern ways to transfer files from one computer to another, you can now add BitTorrent Sync to the list. The company unveiled a very rough, pre-alpha version of the service today as part of its new initiative for developing new tech called BitTorrent Labs.

In a blog post announcing BitTorrent Sync, the company revealed few details. It’s designed to “manage personal files across multiple computers,” the company wrote.

Currently, you must fill out an application and wait for a response before you can use the service. It asks numerous questions, including how many computers you intended to use the service on, which operating systems you want to use Sync on, and which country you live in.

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giveaway / January 25, 2013 / Software
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