Browser makers find a way past high-resolution image impasse

It looks like browser makers have settled on a way to handle high-resolution images now common with the arrival of screens like Apple’s Retina displays with lots of densely packed pixels.

Browser makers haven’t offered Web developers a consistent, easy way to show the right image for a given screen’s size and resolution — an idea called responsive design. That’s been a shame, since screens with high pixel densities are increasingly common on laptops, tablets, and smartphones and can offer crisp, detailed photos and graphics.

The first breakthrough came in September when support emerged for a standard called srcset, nudged along when Apple added the feature into Safari. The approach seemed to be winning out over a rival proposal, the introduction of a new “picture” element.

But that consensus was shattered when Google introduced another option called src-N, which appealed to Mozilla’s Firefox developers. A long debate ensued over November, December, and January, that produced a different outcome: a … [Read more]


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giveaway / February 3, 2014 / Software
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