Browser makers get past high-resolution image impasse

It looks like browser makers have settled on a way to handle high-resolution images, which are now common with the arrival of screens like Apple’s Retina displays.

Browser makers haven’t offered Web developers a consistent, easy way to show the right image for a given screen’s size and resolution — an idea called responsive design. That’s been a shame, because screens with high-pixel densities are increasingly common on laptops, tablets, and smartphones and can offer crisp, detailed photos and graphics.

The first breakthrough came in September when support emerged for a standard called srcset, which was nudged along when Apple added the feature to Safari. The approach seemed to be winning out over a rival proposal, the introduction of a new “picture” element.

But that consensus was shattered when Google introduced another option called src-N, which appealed to Mozilla’s Firefox developers. A long debate ensued over November, December, and January that produced a different outcome: a … [Read more]


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giveaway / February 11, 2014 / Software
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