Browsium creates Catalyst to solve legacy IE problems

Browsium’s business is your business’s browsers, and their new Catalyst program looks to solve the problem of corporate intranets requiring older, rickety version of Internet Explorer while the rest of the Web has moved on with its life towards HTML5.

Currently available for free in public beta, Catalyst allows corporate IT departments to force certain sites to open in different browsers. It works in three browsers, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, and installs a Catalyst add-on in each. That add-on runs in conjunction with a management program that the IT department uses to set rules which tell specific sites to open in specific browsers.

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Gary Schare, CEO of Browsium, said that Catalyst’s goal is to solve several corporate browser problems as companies slowly migrate their internal tools off of legacy versions of Internet Explorer.

“The real key here is how and why multiple browsers … [Read more]

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giveaway / November 3, 2012 / Software
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