CamFind turns your iPhone camera into a search engine

CamFind is pretty cool, but why did it give me a Yelp listing for "Star Trek" instead of local showtimes?

(Credit: Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET)

Your iPhone’s camera is good for a lot more than just snapping photos. For example, it can translate foreign-language signs, menus, and other printed materials in real time. And grade the foods at your grocery store. And scan documents on the go.

CamFind turns your camera into a search engine, allowing you to look up information just by pointing the lens at any real-world object or location. And it’s pretty darn cool.

The app works a lot like Google Goggles, but offers more features and, based on my informal tests, better accuracy.

All you do is point your iPhone at something, then tap the shutter icon. If it’s a movie poster, CamFind will find a trailer, local showtimes, links to IMDB and Wikipedia p… [Read more]


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giveaway / June 4, 2013 / Software
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