China company sues Apple over Snow Leopard trademark


Apple had hardly any time to breathe after settling with Proview before it was hit with another trademark infringement case in China.

Chinese tech site MIC Gadget reported yesterday that a household chemical company called Jiangsu Xuebao has sued Apple in Shanghai for allegedly infringing its “Snow Leopard” trademark. The company doesn’t own “Snow Leopard” itself, but in 2000 filed for the Chinese translation, “Xuebao.”

Apple used the Snow Leopard moniker in one of its more recent Mac OS X distributions, launched in 2009. The company replaced that with Lion, and later this month, will launch Mountain Lion. So, while Jiangsu Xuebao seems concerned with Apple’s use of the name, it’s odd that it would file its case now.

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giveaway / July 4, 2012 / Software
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