Cool Record Edit Pro 9.1.4

Record audio from any input losslessly with schedule ability and save as audio files and edit tons of audio files: cut, copy, paste, trim, mix, silent, etc.

Editing operations like cut, copy, paste can be done on a waveform in a split second. You can trim music to remove the unwanted parts, mix/insert another track with current audio file, add bookmark/region marker to jump to marked point/section, undo/redo any operations, etc., millisecond-level precision.

Enhancing audio is the most exciting part to make your audio artistic, unique and stylish. You can fade in/out, add echo, change speed/pitch, amplify, normalize, equalize, reverb, reverse, apply many filters and more. You can also create a music CD from them with editable CD text & optional burning speed.

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giveaway / June 12, 2016 / Software
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