Create binders full of women with your Android device

The newly released Photo Punch app for Android lets you cut figures out of one photo and add them to another. Here, we show you how to use the app to create funny and whimsical photos for sharing with your friends across the Interwebs.

Step 1: Download and install Photo Punch for Android It’s free, and available now on Google Play.

(Credit: Screenshot by Jaymar Cabebe/CNET )

Step 2: Create a Punch Shot A Punch Shot is essentially a cut-out foreground element from a photo, which you paste onto a different photo. In our example, your Punch Shot will be of a woman, while your background photo will be of a binder.

To get started, hit the Punch button and choose your photo. If you have one already in your device’s gallery, you can choose it. Otherwise, you can take a new photo with your camera or even search for a photo on the Web, right from within Photo Punch’s interface. Whatever photo you end up choosing, it’ll help if the subject to be cut out is sitting on a single-color background that is significantly different from the subject. Otherwise, you may run into some trouble selecting and cutting it.

Once you’ve got your photo picked out, trace around it with your finger, and watch as the app almost magically adj… [Read more]

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giveaway / October 19, 2012 / Software
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