Create your own Harlem Shake videos

"Con los terroristas…"

(Credit: Baulin Roman)

My guess is the whole Harlem Shake craze is just about winding down its 15 minutes of fame.


But wait! While there’s still a shred of interest left, you’ve got time to make your own videos. Free Android app Harlem Shake Creator Lite and iOS app Harlem Shake Creator HD (both from the same developer) make it ridiculously easy.

In case you’ve been off-planet for the past month or so, a Harlem Shake vid starts out with a single person, usually masked for no particular reason, doing a little jig to the eponymous song by Baauer. Other people in the scene remain oblivious to the action, until around 15 seconds in, when…well, see for yourself in this representative example. (Even CNET employees got in on the action.)

Typically, if you wanted to create a video of your own, you’d need to buy… [Read more]

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giveaway / March 12, 2013 / Software
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