DeskRule 1.2.0

Fast and reliable desktop search using rich file attributes. DeskRule helps you find stuff on your desktop. Unlike other desktop search engines that are limited to simple filename or file content searches, DeskRule can search using any of the 300 available Windows system properties, e.g. you can search for:

  • top Rated pictures;
  • audio tracks by Artist;
  • PDF/Office documents by Tags, Author or contained keywords;
  • photos shot in Australia (GPS);
  • photos of your kids (People);
  • DLLs installed by Microsoft (Company);
  • … and also search by plain Name if you wish!

DeskRule uses the Windows search index for speed and has its own robust search engine as a backup, ensuring that if the document is there somewhere, it will be found for you! DeskRule can show a preview of the documents, pictures, media and other files found with all the attributes you queried for, helping you understand the results. It is fully shell integrated so you can act on the files found like in your Windows explorer.

You can learn more from the video!

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giveaway / April 22, 2016 / Software
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