Downloads of the Year 2014

You, nation, got more than 630 million apps from our site in 2014. To put the number in perspective, that’s more than dollars spent seeing “Guardians of the Galaxy” ($332 million gross), Netflix subscribers (53 million), World Series game 7 watchers (23.5 million), Apparently Kid viewers (18 million), and US buyers of Taylor Swift’s “1989″ (3.3 million).

So, what had you downloading in droves? In a word, security — and no surprise, since this year brought Heartbleed and Shellshock; credit card and personal info stolen from Home Depot, Target, and JPMorgan; celebrity iCloud photo hacks; and much more. If you haven’t updated your protection yet, read our take on the best security options for your needs. Many of you found utilities on our site to clean up your computers — another way to sweep for unwanted programs, as well as to free up hard drive space and improve system performance.

Read on to see the year’s most-downloaded apps for Windows and Mac, as well as 2014′s most popular newcomers. To keep current with new software in 2015, sign up for one of our weekly newsletters.

Top Windows downloads for 2014

  1. Avast Free Antivirus
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