Enter Australis: Mozilla streamlines Firefox’s look

Australis, Mozilla's overhaul of Firefox's user interface, gives the foreground tab new emphasis and makes the others fade more into the background. To the left of the tabs, pinned tabs that users might want to access often show just by their narrow favicon images. The entire menu has been reduced to a customizable toolbar with a few buttons on the upper right of the interface; clicking the three parallel horizontal lines opens up the menu.

(Credit: screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET)

Mozilla took a major step Monday to launch a significantly revamped look for Firefox Monday, a project months in the making called Australis that will unify the browser’s look across personal computers, tablets, and phones.

Australis brings a new look to the frame around the Web page: curvy tabs, more emphasis for the tab you’re using and less for the one you’re not, and graphical menu that looks more like a grid of apps than a list of options.

At Australis landed in the nightly version of Firefox for browser testers on Monday, taking its first step into regular testing and beginning the path that leads through the Aurora test version of the browser, then the Firefox beta, and last the final Firefox release. If all goes well, the first Firefox Nightly with Australis wil… [Read more]


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