Firefox survives first round of surgery

Firefox to change its look–again (screenshots)

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After years of tough competition from dominance-seeking Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, Mozilla faces a second year in a row of forced adaptations. Its aggressive Firefox 2012 development plan calls for surgeries both minor and radical to integrate many new pieces into the browser, but it may not survive post-op. At least, not as you know it.

So far, the changes have resulted in a Firefox which, simply put, runs better. Two of the most tangible new tools have changed add-on behavior. The addition of add-ons to Firefox Sync let you mirror the same add-ons at work and at home, and you won’t have to reinstall them manually if your computer crashes.

A second add-on change marks around 80 percent of … [Read more]

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giveaway / March 30, 2012 / Software
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