First Firefox OS phones arrive Tuesday for developers

The opening screen of Firefox OS running on a Geeksphone Keon.

(Credit: Stephen Shankland/CNET)

A small Spanish company called Geeksphone will begin selling two smartphones on Tuesday that are geared for developers who want to build apps for Firefox OS — or for that matter, to build Mozilla’s open-source browser-based operating system itself.

As previewed earlier this year, Geeksphone has two models, the Keon at 110 euros including VAT ($143) and the Peak at 179 euros ($234) including VAT.

That’s a notch cheaper than high-end unlocked smartphones you’ll find, like the $574.99 HTC One, an Android phone that just went on sale. But the low price is part of the point of Firefox OS: Mozilla and a sizeable group of Firefox OS allies argue that their browser-based approach will let them get away with lower-end, cheaper hardware to make the phones affordable in developing markets such as Brazil. <... [Read more]


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giveaway / April 22, 2013 / Software
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