Flashback malware removal tool roundup

The Apple community is tackling the Flashback malware threat for OS X. Despite these efforts, the malware is still out there with the potential to infect unpatched Mac systems or even those that are patched, but for which the user fell for the fake Flash updater traps used by earlier variants of the malware.

You can check for the presence of the malware using our instructions or others, or use automated online options such as Dr. Web’s checker to determine if your system may be compromised. So far, a number of tools have been released by some reputable security firms that will detect and remove this threat from OS X systems.

  1. F-Secure Flashback Remover
    The first of these tools is F-Secure’s Flashback remover, which will extract known variants of the malware from its location within applications and user accounts, and save them in a benign zip file, which can then be destroyed or sent in for analysis.
  2. Kaspersky Flashfake removal tool
    The second such tool is from Kaspersky labs and is called the Flashfake removal tool. This tool runs a number of Unix commands within an AppleScript that will remove any known malware and notify you of the results. Unlike F-Secu… [Read more]

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