Four iOS weather apps that exude elegance

(Credit: CNET)

It wasn’t very long ago that for a developer to make a successful weather app, it had to have the most information possible. This meant developers would compete to pack tons of graphs, maps, diagrams, written forecasts, and even forums where people could talk about weather, into busy confusing apps that tried to cover it all. But what you ended up with were long list-like menus when the only information you probably wanted was what the weather might be like for the weekend.

Don’t get me wrong, the feature-packed weather apps have their place, particularly when you’re monitoring hurricanes, tornadoes, and other potentially disastrous weather systems. But recently there has been a move towards minimalist design to bring you the weather at a glance and some really elegant apps have sprung forth in the category.

As the weather starts to get better here in San Francisco, I decided to gather up four of my favorites so you can get weather info at a glance while you continue on your busy (or relaxing) day.

Blue (99 cents) is great for a quick 36-hour outlook for local weather using an elegant interface, but it offers the least amount of weather information of this collection.

Blue is the most simple weather app of the bunch, but it's just right for th… [Read more]


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giveaway / May 8, 2013 / Software
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