Four things iOS 7 tells us about Apple’s next iPhone

iOS 7 has a few secrets to spill about the coming iPhone.

Apple has played the game long enough to keep its secrets heavily guarded, but a close look at some of iOS 7‘s lesser-known features hints at a few hardware changes we should count on (or not) for the next iPhone — and maybe for the next iPads, too.

Camera enhancements It doesn’t take an OS upgrade to guess that Apple will improve its camera’s still-life and video capture hardware. That’s a given.

Now here’s a little evidence: iOS 7 supports 60fps video capture, while 30fsp is the smartphone standard.

That means that the next iPhone could capture twice the information in the same span of time; I’m thinking at a resolution of 1080p HD.

That would make videos even smoother and less jerky than before, especially when you’re shooting moving objects or panning the camera. Videos captured at 60fps are also much more ideal for producing slow-motion videos.

Apple flashed slides of features included in iOS 7 that the company didn't highlight during WWDC, including 60fps video capture.

(Credit: James Martin/CNET)

Beyond video capture, there are also implications for shooting burst mode at a rate of 60 frames for each second y… [Read more]


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