Free Software Foundation attacks DRM in HTML video

An illustration used by opponents to digital rights management technology moving to Web standards

(Credit: Defective by Design)

The Free Software Foundation, never a friend to digital rights management, has taken issue with its arrival in the Web standards world.

In a letter from the FSF, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Creative Commons, and other allied groups yesterday, the group called on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to keep DRM out of the standards it defines.

“We write to implore the World Wide Web Consortium and its member organizations to reject the Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) proposal,” the groups said. “DRM restricts the public’s freedom, even beyond what overzealous copyright law requires, to the perceived benefit of this privileged, powerful few.”

It’s not clear how much effect the letter and an accompanying anti-DRM petition will have, since the technology is already in use though not formally standardized. And even if the W3C balks at standardization — after it opened up to entertainment-industry involvement in 2011 — DRM would likely live on through other channels.

A key HTML standardization figure and outspoken DRM opponent, Ian Hickson, se… [Read more]


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