Fun photography masking tools on iOS


There are a ton of image editors available for iPhone that let you play with photos — many of which I’ve talked about here. But a specific set of editors lets you create a mask or let you superimpose one image on top of another for some really cool effects. Recently, a popular Mac photo editor made its way to iOS (the third in this collection) and I thought I would put together a few apps to see how they compare.

This week’s collection of iOS apps let you add unique effects to your images. The first lets you superimpose images on top of each other and offers a ton of tools for tweaking the results. The second lets you blend images together and create masks to make them seem more realistic. The third doesn’t bother with two images, but instead lets you add effects to only a portion of the image.

You'll need to adjust color levels to make the Cat who took over San Francisco believable.

Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

Superimpose (99 cents), true to its name, lets you superimpose images onto other images with sometimes beautiful, and sometimes silly results. The interface has a lot of elements and can be quite confusing at first, but with some practice you can make some pretty cool looking projects.

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