Funhouse of Horror 2013: Top 5 free scary games to download

The time has come once again for the ghosts and goblins to roam the streets for sweets. But if trick-or-treating is no longer your thing and you’d rather stay in, has got you covered with some freebie games with which to create your own scarefest — all without leaving the house. In 2012, our editors scoured our extensive catalog and collected the most unusual games they could find to scare you with. This time around, we dug even deeper, saw things that nightmares are made of, and brought them back to share with you. These creepy finds are listed in no particular order, so pick one or see how many you can finish in a straight run.

5. Fran Bow (Win, Mac)

(Credit: Killmonday)

Let’s start with the creepy tale of a little orphan girl finding her way home, developed in the style of a point-and-click adventure. With its dreamy music and whimsical art style, reminiscent of “Alice in Wonderland,” Fran Bow wins a spot on this list.

You play as Fran, a little girl who must escape from a mental institution and track down her parents’ killer. Her first task, after escaping, is to find her trusty cat, Mr. Midni… [Read more]


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