Get five Android games for whatever price you want

Don't let the name fool you: the Humble Bundle 4 for Android also includes Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of each game.

(Credit: Humble Bundle)

Most game bundles have one thing in common: the games have been around awhile. They might be solid titles, sure, but many times they’re so old that most gamers already have them.

Not this time. The Humble Bundle 4 for Android comes with five games, four of which are making their Android debut. In fact, they’re not even available via Google Play yet, so you couldn’t purchase them separately if you wanted to.

Don’t have an Android device? Don’t sweat it: you also get licenses for the Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of each game.

As with other Humble Bundles, this one works like this: you decide what price you want to pay. A penny? Sold. A dollar? Sold. $65.09? Sold. Whatever amount you deem fair, you can divvy it up among the developers, a couple of worthy charities, and the Humble folks.

If you pay at least $1, you’ll get license keys for use with Steam, a convenient way to download and manage your games. And if you beat the average purchase price (currently $6.05), you’ll get a sixth game: the award-winning oldie-but-greatie, Machinarium.

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giveaway / November 11, 2012 / Software
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