Getting to know Google Maps on iOS

(Credit: Jason CIpriani/CNET)

Google Maps is back on iOS, but this time as a standalone app. You’ll find it doesn’t look like it did on iOS 5, due to Google having complete freedom with the user interface and design. As such, using Google Maps on iOS is going to feel a bit familiar, yet like a completely new experience.

To install Google Maps on iOS, you’ll need to be using an iPhone (3GS and newer), iPod Touch (fourth and fifth gen) or an iPad running at least iOS 5.1. If you’re using one of the above devices, download Google Maps for iOS from the App Store. It should be noted, Google Maps is not built for the iPad, so you’ll be running the iPhone version of the app should you download it.

Setup (Credit: Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET)

  • The first time you launch Google Maps you can sign into your Google account. Doing so will keep any searches you do in Google Maps on your computer or your phone to stay in sync. For example; you can look up directions to a restaurant on your computer before leaving the house, then pull it up on your iPhone by tapping on the search field.

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