Google I/O recap: Major Android news; Chrome OS update

Today Google kicked off its annual I/O conference with announcements about Android, Chrome OS, its answer to Apple’s HealthKit, and the next generation of developer tools.

(Credit: James Martin/CNET)

Introducing Android L: Android OS’s KitKat successor doesn’t have a name yet, but it’ll begin with L. The platform update will attempt to unite Web and app user experiences through the Material Design interface. Developers will be able to use Google’s new Polymer toolkit to design Web apps that look like their Android counterparts, including 3D rendering. Android L also promises notifications on the lock screen (like iOS 8), owner detection so you can unlock your device without a passcode, better power consumption and battery monitoring, including Battery Historian to show how much juice each app is sucking up. Google also asserted that L will help apps run twice as fast.

Android Wear: Bringing the power of Android to your wrist, the Android Wear smartwatch platform will integrate with your phone and enable you to control your devices without reaching into your pocket. Google’s demonstration showed Android Wear behaving very much like Google Now, activating with th… [Read more]

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