Google Maps update brings new features and is now iPad-compatible

Google Maps version 2.0 rolled out Wednesday morning, almost a week after the updated Android debut. The update finally brings G. Maps to the big(ger) screen, plus a plethora of welcome features. Here are some you should keep an eye out for.

(Credit: Screenshot by Tuong Nguyen/CNET)

1. Explore

It seems like the big G is butting heads with rivals, Yelp and Foursquare with its Explore function. Instead of inputting a destination, you can pull down the touch keyboard to see the Explore panel. Explore gives you five different options of Eat, Drink, Shop, Play, and Sleep. Each Explore option will pull up related or nearby places.

(Credit: Screenshot by Tuong Nguyen/CNET)

2. Live Traffic and Event Reports

After the Waze buyout, we were hoping to see some of the social mapping app’s features in the … [Read more]


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