Great smartphone games to get ready for ‘the big game’

The big game is this coming weekend, and most Americans will tell you it’s a lot more than just a football game. Many people make an event out of the game with parties, barbecues, and betting pools, even if their favorite team isn’t in the running. My team lost a week ago, but you can bet I’ll be watching just for the fanfare. Even the commercials shown during the game are an event in themselves with advertisers spending huge amounts of money for 30 second and one minute spots.

While you wait for next Sunday’s festivities to kick off, I’ve put together a collection of mobile games to get you excited for the main event. All but one of the games here have versions for both Android and iOS, with Ted Ginn: Kick Return being the odd man out.

In Madden NFL 25 you can see the whole field.

(Credit: Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

Madden NFL 25 (iOS | Android) is the latest from the storied video game football franchise, but it’s not what you would expect if you had played only on consoles.

You get a set amount of plays you can use in Madden NFL 25, but you’ll need to unlock additional formations by playing games and earning coins. As a freemium game, you also have the option to buy what they call card packs (… [Read more]


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