Groupon targets restaurateurs with new iPad app Breadcrumb

A look at Groupon's Breadcrumb.

(Credit: Groupon)

Apple’s iPad is now home to a Groupon application designed for restaurants.

Dubbed Breadcrumb, the application is meant to include everything a restaurant would need to handle transactions. The application includes menus, allowing servers to input a person’s order and send it off to the kitchen. In addition, restaurant owners will be able to manage their tables to see what’s open, how many people are sitting at a table, and so on.

According to Groupon, Breadcrumb is designed to replace the current point-of-sale products restaurants are already using. So, in addition to the application, Breadcrumb supports cash drawers and receipt and kitchen printers that are sold separately. Groupon’s mobile payments can be used to handle all transactions.

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giveaway / October 10, 2012 / Software
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