Hits and misses in Windows 8 so far

Windows 8 almost ready to serve

With the Windows 8 Release Preview finally available, Microsoft has taken a major step toward putting its chips on the table for its biggest gamble ever. While we may start seeing some of the hardware that will run Windows 8 as early as next week, we know enough about the operating system itself to say what’s surprisingly good and what needs help, STAT.

What we liked so far:

  • The Metro interface comes at app icons from a different angle than Apple and Google. Live tiles are actually useful, updating the stock ticker concept for a modern, mobile world. You can create tiles for individual e-mail accounts, or follow updates from specific contacts, and it presents a nearly non-existent learning curve.

  • Semantic zoom is the ability in Windows 8 to access different levels of content via zooming. On the Start screen, zooming out gives you a bird’s eye view of your tile groups. In an app, you can zoom out to see different kinds of related content — in the Bing Travel app, you’ll see categories like Today, Featured Destinations, Panoramas, and Articles.

  • Picture password has never failed to impress. Everybody loves it. You create a series of gestures on a photo of your choice, and use those to login instead of a … [Read more]

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