How to improve sound quality in iTunes

While there are a number of media players and audio programs that can be used to play music through your Mac, iTunes being a library and content manager as well as a player that comes preinstalled on Mac systems makes it the most popular option out there. The program offers simple controls for sorting through music, generating playlists, and playing your music, but in addition there are some settings that can be used to greatly improve sound quality during playback.

The first of these is the Sound Enhancer setting in the iTunes preferences, which is activated by going to the Playback section of the iTunes preferences and checking the “Sound Enhancer” checkbox.

The Sound Enhancer setting can add a great deal of depth to an otherwise flat-sounding audio file.

(Credit: Screenshot by Topher Kessler/CNET)

This mysterious feature enhances music quality by not only adjusting the treble and bass of the output, but also blending various phase components of the audio across channels and mixing them in stereo to give it more depth. The level of this effect can be adjusted with the slider next to the checkbox that enables it. I recommend adjusting this setting by playing a song or two without it, then enabling this feature and setting the slider at the extremes of its range to hear… [Read more]

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