How to remove the Flashback malware from OS X

While OS X was relatively void of malware for the first 10 years of use, recently malware scares have cropped up that have affected a significant number of Mac systems.

One of the first was the MacDefender fake antivirus scam, which had people issuing credit card information out of fear their systems were infected. This scam morphed quite rapidly as it tried to avoid detection and continue coercing people to offer personal information. Another scam was the DNSChanger malware that affected millions of PC systems worldwide, and which ultimately directed affected systems to malicious Web sites, and like the MacDefender malware tried to get people to offer personal information.

The latest malware to hit OS X has been the Flashback scam, which initially started as a fake Flash player installer application that was relatively easy to avoid. However, the threat quickly morphed into a more serious threat by taking advantage of unpatched security holes in Java (… [Read more]

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giveaway / April 5, 2012 / Software
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