IE11, Windows Blue could support Google’s SPDY protocol

Another tantalizing tidbit has emerged from last month’s leaked IE11 build: the possibility that the next version of Internet Explorer could support Google’s SPDY technology for faster browser-server communications.

It’s not working yet, but SPDY “is being implemented,” said Rafael Rivera of the Within Windows blog. Paul Thurrot of WinSuperSite also said SPDY is coming.

The SPDY support is at the operating system level, meaning that other software besides just IE11 could take advantage of it, Rivera said.

Microsoft declined to comment on the matter.

Google has rounded up several allies to standardize SPDY technology, which streamlines the HTTP technology governing how browsers request Web pages and how Web servers deliver them. Despite broadening support, including in Firefox and Amazon’s Silk browser, though, Microsoft preferred its alternative approach called HTTP Speed+Mobility.

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