Is Mozilla’s mobile OS good for games? See for yourself

A demonstration of B2G (Boot to Gecko) at Mobile World Congress shows that Mozilla's browser-based mobile OS can send and receive text messages. It also can send and receive calls, play games, and be used to read e-books.

Stephen Shankland/CNET)

BARCELONA–Telefonica today showed off B2G, the Mozilla browser-based operating system for mobile phones, saying it’s good enough to sell to today’s feature-phone customers later this year.

You may or may not agree. To help you judge, here’s a video of Carlos Domingo, Telefonica Digital’s director of product development and innovation, demonstrating a prototype phone at a press conference today at the Mobile World Congress show here in Barcelona, Spain. A the conference, Telefonica announced its mobile OS pact with Mozilla.

Having watched the demo myself, the phone looked workable but awfully pokey. And touch input — especially the keyboard — was evidently a challenge. These are early days for B2G (which stands for Boot to Gecko), but in the meantime iOS and Android show no signs of slowing down, and Windows Phone is gaining adherants.

Top-end performance isn’t everything, though. … [Read more]

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