MacLuvin: 6 new free indie games for Apple

(Credit: Screenshot by Tuong Nguyen/CNET)

Back to bed (Webware)

Guide sleep-walking Bob across rooftops and back into bed. Play as subBob, a subconscious alter-ego of Bob that takes a form of a blue dream dog with a human face. Avoid traps, pitfalls, and nightmarish creatures to guide Bob back into bed. Walk on walls, make blockades, and do whatever it takes to survive.

A crazy little game from a Danish developer, Back to Bed takes you into what seems like a nightmarish world straight out of the mind of Salvador Dali, while being narrated by a man with a creepy eastern European accent speaking through a synthesizer. With out-of-this-world graphics and eerie audio, it is one of the reasons we love independent games; this stuff just cannot be found in the next Call of Duty.

(Credit: Tale of Tales)

Bientôt l’été (Webware)

From our understanding of the demo, Bientôt l’été features a multi-player option. However, after waiting for a bit, we opted to play with the simu… [Read more]

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