McAfee updates Android security app, adding Free and Premium versions

On Tuesday, McAfee updated its Mobile Security app (now called McAfee Antivirus & Security) for Android and added several new features that include custom profile setups, improved analysis of data exposure, and backup operations over Wi-Fi.

These updates are added on top of Mobile Security’s Basic free tier features like mobile antivirus, anti-theft, and backup services. McAfee aims to protect their users through both preventative and post-catastrophic measures, with added security features in the Premium service.

According to Ari Jaaksi, McAfee’s SVP of Mobile Engineering, “When consumers contemplate securing their smartphones and tablets, they often think in terms of their susceptibility to mobile malware, overlooking the very real threat to their privacy should their devices become lost or stolen.”

Even with security apps in place, McAfee’s latest updates reflect a movement toward teaching users how to prevent unsafe mobile habits. Mobile Security is now directly integrated with McAfee’s own Global Threat Intelligence network, which catalogs and analyzes the risk level of an app. The intention is to guide a user’s decision on whether to use an app and inform them of any suspicious app behavior and data exposure to risky sites.

For those of us who don’t have access yet to Android 4.3, McAfee’s latest update brings an alternate method of cre… [Read more]


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