Microsoft claims massive speed boost in latest IE 11 build

Buoyed by the good news of market share growth in August for Internet Explorer, Microsoft is touting major improvements in the new Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 Release Preview on Wednesday.

The virtual machine version of the IE 11 Release Preview will be available at later this week.

The IE 11 Release Preview, equivalent to the “release candidate” stage of the traditional software development cycle, is the last pre-release version of IE 11 before it becomes available to all Windows 7 owners. Roger Capriotti, IE’s marketing director, would only say that the final version would be ready later this fall.

The IE 11 Release Preview follows July’s IE 11 Developer Preview. Microsoft is claiming that the Release Preview is 5 percent faster than the Developer Preview, and more than 30 percent faster than the nearest competitive browser. While that’s only on one benchmark, the Webkit-based JavaScript test SunSpider, it’s still remarkable that IE wins out on any benchmark.

Microsoft also has removed the prefixes from the Pointer Events API for HTML5… [Read more]


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