Mixbook sees ‘perfect storm’ for Google’s Dart language (Q&A)

Montage CEO and co-founder Andrew Laffoon

(Credit: Montage)

Google’s Dart programming language, an attempt to outdo JavaScript for writing Web apps, has had a polarizing effect on the Web.

Mozilla and Microsoft don’t like it, preferring to focus on improvements to the incumbent technology, JavaScript. But Google, which just released Dart 1.0, aims to speed up Web-based software and the programmers who write it.

One company, Mixbook, which is firmly in the pro-Dart camp, is betting on Dart with a service that stands to offer millions of dollars in annual revenue.

“Google has set up a perfect storm for a new language,” said Mixbook co-founder and Chief Executive Andrew Laffoon. The company picked Dart to power Montage, its new online tool for creating photo books, after comparing it to JavaScript and Microsoft’s TypeScript, which extends JavaScript with more advanced programming options.

The Dart debate may seem like something only coders need to care about, but it affects anyone who uses the Web.

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