Monitor outbound traffic with Little Snitch 3

Mac security software developer Objective Development has announced the release of Little Snitch 3, a popular reverse-firewall package for OS X, which now includes a number of improvements that make the package both easier to use and more powerful.

Part of OS X’s security system is a rudimentary firewall that lets users allow or deny incoming connections to system services and third-party software on a per-application basis. While the firewall is a good option to have and is recommended to keep enabled, it only blocks in one direction and therefore does not cover all bases for a security system. Apple’s firewall will prevent a program from receiving malicious connection attempts, but if you have a program on your computer that is attempting to make unwanted outbound connections then Apple’s software will not prevent this.

To monitor outbound traffic on your system, a reverse firewall such as that in Little Snitch or Intego’s VirusBarrier X6 suite will be needed. With these utilities you can temporarily or permanently prevent programs from continually registering with parent servers or otherwise phoning home, and can also detect and block malicious activity.

Little Snitch alerts now have information about the process in question, allowing the u… [Read more]

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giveaway / September 26, 2012 / Software
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