Mozilla looks to summit ‘Kilimanjaro’ for project unity

A demonstration of B2G (Boot to Gecko) at Mobile World Congress shows that Mozilla's browser-based mobile OS can send and receive text messages. It also can send and receive calls, play games, and be used to read e-books.

Stephen Shankland/CNET)

It’s been a busy year at the home of Firefox, as Mozilla went public with major developments meant to change the Web, but it’s about to get much busier as it looks to make those initiatives a reality. A key step forward will be to unify its development schedules under a project named Kilimanjaro.

Oh, and it wants to have Kilimanjaro bagged by September of this year. The related bugs blocking Kilimanjaro have all been marked as “highest priority.”

Damon Sicore, Vice President of Engineering at Mozilla,explained in a forum post that Kilimanjaro is about providing a high-level direction to solving problems that affect more than one of its products.

To explain to its developers what this means, Kilimanjaro identifies four scenarios involving people and Mozilla products.

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