NeroKwik knits your photos into a unified tapestry

Nero continues its collective approach to your multimedia collection with a new refreshed approach to photo sharing. NeroKwik (not to be confused with Kwik Media from Nero 12) is Nero’s latest solution to the ever increasing and fragmenting nature of keeping and sharing photos.

View your synced images and photos seamlessly across devices and social networks.

(Credit: Nero)

The NeroKwik app for Android ties your photos from sources like tablets, PCs and social networks to create a unified album for users. That means users can now access their photos all in one spot and eliminate the need to juggle multiple services and devices to view albums.

Rather than just spitting out photos indiscriminately, NeroKwik displays your photo gallery in a grid style called Tapestry. Tapestry taps into your photos and organizes them by popularity and social ranking, based on how you and your friends interact rate and comment on each photo. Though Tapestry may first showcase your photo feed chronologically, it’ll gradually evolve and try to identify the photos it thinks you care about most and highlight more prominent photos based on feedback. You can also select a few group of photos to send individual tapestries to distribute among more private networks of f… [Read more]

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giveaway / December 5, 2012 / Software
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